About Europa Zentrum

Europasterne aus Zuckerguss The Centre for Europe (Europa Zentrum) Baden-Wuerttemberg works since 1976 as Institue and Academy for European Affairs in the field of civic education on European issues. It is non-party, independent and non-profit. It offers partnership to citizens, ministries and local bodies in Baden-Wuerttemberg, EU institutions, as well as other independent actors on European topics. It serves as contact point for representatives in the fields of education, politics, economy and culture.


The Europa Zentrum supports and creates intercultural learning and aims at fostering the European integration while permanently informing about European topics and displaying the future options which are offered to the continent in the frame of the European integration process.


  • Education about and for Europe (civic youth and adult education on European topics)
  • Cooperation with the Europe Direct Information Centres, which are supported by the European Commission, and other actors in Baden-Wuerttemberg who work on European topics in order to plan and run activities and projects (direct responsibility for the Europe Direct Information Centre Stuttgart in cooperation with the association Europa-Union Baden-Württemberg)
  • Acitivities as Competence Centre for European Affairs in school and further education, for municipalities, associations, etc.
  • Supporting the „Europeanization“ of the land Baden-Wuerttemberg
  • Developing and testing new concepts and methods of teaching and communicating European topics to the citizens in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Legal Body

The Förderverein Europa Zentrum Baden-Württemberg e.V. is the legal body of the Europa Zentrum Baden-Wuerttemberg.


The Förderverein Europa Zentrum Baden-Württemberg e.V. receives an institutional support of the land Baden-Wuerttemberg (since 1978), a support of the city of Stuttgart (grant and rooms). Nevertheless, the Europa Zentrum is additionally dependent on further donations, membership fees and project grants of the European Union, foundations and other donors.