Artificial Intelligence in practice: Analysis of Voice Clips from a Helpdesk – WEBINAR

15.02.2021 - 13:00 bis 15:00

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a main driving force for innovation in the Danube region (and elsewhere), not only in the digital domain but also in diverse areas of application such as medicine, public administration, law, music or fine arts. Unlike popular belief, AI is not the Terminator stomping around but provides methods of analysis that seamlessly integrate into Business Analytics or other areas of application.

The international project “Danube Region acute”, a cooperation between univiersities and research centres in Hungary, Moldova, Austria and Baden-Württemberg, led by the Europa Zentrum Baden-Württemberg and financially supported by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung, therefore focused on this topic and developed a series of online lectures and webinars for students and other interested people, in order to tackle different aspects of risks and potentials of AI in and for the Danube Region and beyond.

Webinar 2: Artificial Intelligence in practice: Analysis of Voice Clips from a Helpdesk
Helpdesk calls are to be analysed for the topics they deal with (for instance, prices or service quality) and the sentiment with which customers talk about the topic. The focus is on the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with state-of-the-art Business Analytics. The voice clips from a “helpdesk support” are analysed in speech recognition, assigned to topics talked about and the sentiment of the talk – classical topics of AI. The result of the analysis will be loaded into a data warehouse to analyse how customers for instance talk about the pricing and whether this differs between customer groups.
Prof. Dr. Alexander Prosser, the lecturer in this webinar, is professor of business informatics and teaches Enterprise Resource Planning systems and Business Analytics at the University of Economics and Business, Vienna. His research also includes eGovernment. He won the European eGovernment Award and the BMW award. He is also Treasurer of the Austrian Computer Society.
This lecture was jointly developed with Irina Cojocaru from the Information Society Development Institute in Moldova who is also taking the role as moderator in this webinar.

Moderator: Irina Cojocaru (Information Society Development Institute, Chisinau)

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Project Manager: Florian Setzen, Europa Zentrum Baden-Württemberg.

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